Math Review Games

Why Math Review Games are the Best Way to End the Year We have all been there…It’s the last week or two of school and your students’ brains are already on summer break. Let’s be honest…usually by that point my brain is also dreaming of summer days of sleeping in and soaking up the rays.  […]

3 Math Extension Activities for Early Finishers

4x4 grid with numbers in each square. Students have to find equations by connecting 3 numbers in a fact family.

3 Math Extension Activities for Early Finishers Do you dread hearing, “I’m DONE!”? As a math teacher I am always focused on helping each and every kiddo and some need more help than others. I knew I needed math extension activities for my early finishers that were meaningful, engaging, and easy for them to complete […]

3 Ways to Best Utilize Math Assessments to Increase Learning

Guided math binder to track student assessment data

What’s your take on math assessments? I was not a fan of our curriculum’s chapter tests. Every question was procedure based, required zero higher level thinking, and was usually multiple choice. During my masters I took a class on math assessment and fell in love with all of the ways I could utilize assessments to […]