Are you looking for ways to break up the monotony of practicing key math skills?

Dice Math Games 4th Grade

Unleash the power of fun, engaging, and no prep math dice games for multiplication, division, place value, and more!

Banish Boredom

Tired of students losing interest during math lessons?

Reduce Anxiety

Do your struggling learners try to avoid extra math practice?

Regain Your Time

Are you struggling to find time to plan and prep math games?

I'm right there with you

As a teacher myself, I get it. I know the best way to get kids to learn is to make them love math class, but I didn’t have hours to spend printing, laminating, and cutting math centers. I watched as my struggling learners stared off into space instead of trying to complete their math assignments. I knew there had to be a better way to get these students to practice key math skills. That’s when I discovered dice math games. I could just print them, hand students the dice, and we were ready to have FUN in math class. I could pair students up and circle around the room helping as needed or I could have students work on them in centers as I pulled small groups for more guided practice. The ease of planning and versatility of these games truly transformed my math class. Plus, my students were eager to play and there was no more avoidance to do math.

Get your students to love math

So many curriculums focus on basic skill practice. Traditional rote practice can be monotonous and make students develop a negative view of math. Math centers introduce an engaging approach that makes learning multiplication, division, and other math concepts a fun and interactive experience, leaving tedious repetition behind. 

Getting your students to fall in love with math again can be as easy as pressing print, adding dice, and getting ready to play!

Are you ready to add fun, no prep dice math games to your 4th grade math centers? 

Bring the fun back into math class

Grab these 15 math centers aligned to the 4th grade common core standards. All you’ll need to do is print the games, give students dice and game markers, and you’re ready to go!



These games focus on key 4th grade math skills such as rounding, comparing numbers, adding and subtracting up to 6-digit numbers, factors, multiples, remainders, and basic multiplication and division facts.


Don’t let your students miss out on the fun learning experience they deserve. Click the link below to grab your copy of our Dice Math Games and get your students loving math while practicing essential skills.


What is all included? 

15 no prep dice games. You will get a PDF that includes these games so all you have to do it press print and you have 15 ready to go math centers for your 4th grade students.

How Can I Use These? 

These centers are great for guided math centers, fun intervention practice with small groups, early finisher activities, or to give your whole class game time to practice the skill you are currently working on.

What Do I Need?

You just need to print however many copies of the games you’ll need so students can play in groups of 2 or 3, 2-3 dice per group, and game markers (counters, beads, and pennies all work great).

What Skills Are Covered? 

Read on to see every game and the 4th grade math standard it addresses.

~Place Value

  • Beat That! – compare large numbers
  • Face Off – compare large numbers
  • Cover Up – place value & rounding
  • Collect 4 – value of a digit
  • Rounding Race – rounding large numbers

~Addition & Subtraction

  • Basic Fact Bingo – mentally add 3 numbers
  • 25/50 to Win – mentally add and subtract
  • Find It, Cover It – adding & subtracting large numbers

~Multiplication & Division

  • Fast Factors – list facts of 2 digit numbers
  • Fact Family Fill Up – 2 levels of multiplication/division fact families
  • Multiples Mania – finding multiples of numbers
  • Multiplication Match – multiply 2 dice
  • Multiply to 200/500 – 2 levels of multiplication of single digit numbers
  • Division Dash – 2 levels of basic division facts
  • Remainder Race – dividing 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers with remainders